The Vocal Freedom Bundle: Free Your Voice & Become the Artist of Your Life



BLACK FRIDAY thru CYBER MONDAY SUPER SALE! November 21st –November 28th, 2016 ~~ Bundle Up to 50% OFF!



Yep yep! It’s “Giving Thanks” time!!!  We’re having a sale in honor of Black Friday / Cyber Monday from 11/21 – 11/28. That means for a short period of time you can grab some great stuff and save BIG TIME!

If Mama knows one thing after coaching over 10,000 singers and celebrities —- it’s that finding your voice and becoming who you are as an artist, is not a given.

It’s a road filled with 10,000 hours, but I’m gonna tell you the truth —- with Mama’s expert guidance you’re gonna get there faster, and better. 

And Mama Lion wants to make sure that you’re also doing it in the smartest, most efficient and quickest way possible. There’s too many tricks up my sleeve to keep to myself, and I know you’re in this too deep, to settle for anything less.

So I created something for our sale that I know you need and can use to grow your music out there in teh big ol’ world —

It’s our BRAND NEW VOCAL FREEDOM BUNDLE: How to Free Your Voice & Become the Artist of Your Life in 6 short months. Let me save you a few years — get you headed in the right direction, sooner than later – and at a steal of a deal!

From now through Cyber Monday, we’re offering The Vocal Freedom Bundle to Free Your Voice & Become the Artists of Your Life! We only offer this kind of discount once a year and this is IT!


Here’s What You Get In the Vocal Freedom Bundle…

You get a seat in our Vocal Freedom Circle: Free Your Voice in 6 Months (an online “in person” program with Mama! And ordering gives you 50% off the first month of the Circle whether you get our VIP, Featured or a Viewer Seat.. 

Plus, along with the Circle, you’ll get our uber popular Step Up to the Spotlight Artist Development 6 week Program for FREE. Yep, absolutely free with all the acutremontes, group classes with Mama, a 52 week Artist Development Plan for the entire year of 2017 and so much more…. 

If you are looking to experience measurable results in your voice. If you have tried studying technique with other teachers and didn’t find the answers you were looking for, or if you’ve never practiced technique but you want to see results and experience a credible award winning professional training, this Circle is for you. In 6 months, Cari’s students report a radical increase in vocal strength and range, a decrease (or elimination) of tension and issues such as nasality, breathiness, pitch problems, as well an increase in vocal health, ease and confidence.



  • Vocal Freedom Circle:

    An online Circle that meets with Celebrity Vocal Coach, Cari Cole (Mama Lion), over 12 in-person sessions to free your voice in 6 months. Glean methods and techniques used by Grammy winners and rock legends. Your voice will be the envy of all.

  • Comes with Cari’s Singers Gift Warmups ($97 value), her unreleased 38 Master Vocal Exercises ($147 value), 4 Fundamental exercises ($397) and her Vocal Rescue Kit that comes with Vocal Therapy & Speaking Exercises as well as Cool Downs for conditioning and Vocal Health ($147 value). Choose one of 3 seat options: VIP, Featured and Viewer. SALE PRICE: 50% Off the
    1st Month
    @ $74.25 
    $148.50 for a VIEWER Seat…  The Circle starts December 5th, 2016 and runs through May 2017. For full details & calendar, click here

Plus you get: Step Up to the Spotlight Artist Development Program FOR FREE:

Step Up to the Spotlight is an Online Artist Development Online Bootcamp to Bolster Your Daily Habits, Become the Artist of Your Life and Start Living the Dream. Step Up starts Jan 17th, 2016 (so you’ll get a head start in December with the Vocal Freedom Circle and then enter Step Up in January 2017!) 

  • Step Up comes with a 52 Week Artist Development Plan to plan out your entire next year. When you register you’ll get immediate access to The Singers Gift and Cari’s Vocal Resource Library of 30+ years of research.
  • YOUR PRICE: FREE (when you order the Vocal Freedom Circle)!! Reg. Price 797

CC-StepUpWith Step Up to the Spotlight you get:

  • 6 jam packed artist development modules delivered once a week to your inbox
  • Daily Juice Motivational Emails during the entire program (42 emails of endless Mama Lion inspiration…)
  • A 52 Week Artist Development Plan for the whole year (totally rock 2017 with this…)
  • Weekly Checklists, worksheets
  • 2 Group Calls with Cari
  • A private FB page with new students, plus hundreds of Alumni to grow your music community!

PLUS, with the purchase of the bundle you get VIP LIFETIME ACCESS to any future runs of Step UP with updates and group calls like you’re taking it for the first time- for FREE! Yep, we know that music is a COMMUNITY and we help you grow yours!

Ready to finally free your voice and become the artist of your life?

Click to buy The Vocal Freedom Bundle here by choosing from one of three seats: VIP, Featured, or Viewer seat. 

BUY NOW from Nov 21st  – Nov 28th and SAVE BIG$$$!

Let’s DO THIS!!

See you in on the other side!!

Can’t wait to give you a big Mama Lion hug and welcome you to your best new artist self!!

Big love,


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