Viewfinder-Producer Spotlight: Sherri Thompson Host/Staff Producer Kevin Sampson interviews Member Producer Sherri Thompson about her show "Beyond the Lyrics".

I'm very grateful to the crew & staff at AIM for helping me find my voice again in these trying times. Honored that they chose me to be their first featured producer on this new program, "Viewfinder". Those of you who know me very, very well, know that being in front of the camera is NOT my all. I prefer to do what I do behind the scenes. But, Kevin convinced me that I would be ok. Bet you he won't catch me again though. LOL. Most of the footage you will see in this clip hasn't made it to air yet; still waiting for it to be edited. Once I get over my fear of editing (Final Cut Pro gives me nightmares), I will be proud to call myself a true producer. And that day is coming soon..very soon.

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