Producer of the Year Honors for 'beyond THe LYRICS'!

Cannot tell you how surprised I was to find out in August I was nominated for an award. It is always an honor to be nominated for something, right? Not that i have had a lot of nominations in my life for things/projects I do for myself; just the last couple years I have received nominations from the wonderful group of people over at @ArlingtonIndependentMedia for Producer of the Year. @ArlingtonIndependentMedia is like the top cable public access station in the world, & I love those people there!!

ou gotta check them out! They give me life & have helped me find my voice these last couple years. So imagine my surprise yesterday when I found out the community there selected me for the Producer of the Year Award!!! Wooohooo!!! I am stoked baby!! Wow..guess I am doing something right with that show . Thank you so, so much to everyone who was ever a part of production for the shows; from the hostsLeticia Thomas & Angenella Fleming of #OrganicFusionMedia. You ladies were there from day one, & I thank you for always being there . Miriam Gennari you held us down three times in one night lady, including nailing that special surprise interview with @Dionne Warwick for us!! Jackie StevenKevin Sampson, Devin, Nathan, Lauree, Elaine, Chris, Paul, Melissa & all the rest of staff at AIM I miss you much but most importantly, thank you for helping me do things out of my comfort zone. You guys rock!! It's no wonder you are amongst the elite stations in the country; everything you do & touch is top-notch baby. For all the crew (if I start naming names and forget, please charge it to my head and not my heart) who show up to get this thing done every time I am very, very grateful to you for always being there: Rhonda Mendoza, L.J., Janar, Marcus, Dienna, Chris, Paul, Gene, Kim Phillip, Sali Dimond Gelestino. Elijah and Wendy . Special shout out to all the guests..thank you for saying yes!!
#JayGolter shout out to you for nominating me. Forever grateful to you.

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