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You know there's something "special" about an artist when they leave you wanting to listen and hear more, more more! This is clearly the case when you first experience the Adult Urban Contemporary sounds of "Snúhgie"! If you haven’t heard the name before, prepare to be impressed and consider yourself schooled on what’s going down on the music scene! This is where you’ll find Robert Stocks, AKA Snúhgie, who is perhaps one of the most talented people in the music industry today. Bursting with a multitude of talent, this singer/songwriter/producer can grace any stage, and really “brings it” with soothing  textured vocals, wrapped in with the amazing ability to play several instruments. By far, Snúhgie is no stranger to the world of music, as he has worked with a range of noteworthy artists from John Legend to Yolanda Adams and Wynton Marsailis, and has served as Music Director for artists such as Dawn Robinson and Anthony David. He has often been compared to the musical styling’s of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and the great Marvin Gaye. 

The name Sn
úhgie was affectionately given to Robert by his Aunt, literally just stuck to him over the years, and has also become the name that his fans have grown to recognize. He believes that music is becoming a dying breed of the old school music artists, who knew how to identify the essence of “real music”. This theory pushes the passion and drive to provide good, quality music in a positive light.“I want to make timeless music; Stuff you’ll always be able to listen to.”


Growing up in the projects of Southeast as a native of Washington, DC, Snúhgie was heavily involved with the Boys & Girls Club of America, which paved the way into attending The Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Upon graduation Snúhgie founded his own publishing and production company (Rhythmic Sounds) where he was able to build, create, and display his love for music. This company has truly been a vessel to bring together a host of independent artists in the DC area to spread their wings.  As a soulful musician, Snúhgie takes pride in always promoting a strong message of love, relationships and inspiration in all of his music ventures.  He released his first single entitled, "it's True", and is currently set to release his debut album, "High Definition Love in the near future.

"Humble and very impressive."

plays over ten different instruments and can not be placed in a box at all."
-The Bobby Pen

"Easy to work with and very professional."
-Gordon Chambers


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